Collage of Museum Artifacts


The Lincoff-Kreissig Balloon

A move towards minimal extraocular surgery for repair of a retinal detachment evolved with Drs. Harvey Lincoff and Ingrid Kreissig’s development of a temporary balloon-buckle without drainage or fixating sutures. The intention was to eliminate the last remaining extraocular and reversible complications after segmental nondrainage buckling. In 1979,  after 7 years of experiments, the temporary buckle without a fixating intrascleral suture was born. The device was manufactured by the Ruesch Company in Stuttgart, Germany. “The Lincoff-Kreissig Balloon minimized surgical trauma to an eye with retinal detachment, combined with optimal long-term visual outcome,” said Dr. Kreissig. “This was one of our most important accomplishments for repair of a retinal detachment.” Read more here. Watch balloon surgery here.