First-hand stories from leaders with unique retina insights of historical significance 

Daniel F. Martin, MD, FASRS­­

Daniel Martin, MD, FASRS, has focused much of his extraordinary career on the design and execution of clinical trials to evaluate new drugs and therapeutic strategies for retinal disease. He has been – and is still -- at the helm of some of the most influential retina research of our time. His contributions have not only guided treatment practices, but have built a framework on which future research will be undertaken. In this compelling discussion, Dr. Martin details his early work on transformative treatments for Cytomegalovirus (or CMV) retinitis associated with AIDS, his leadership of the groundbreaking CATT Trial and expansion of the DRCR Retina Network. He also shares the pivotal role of his mentors and how they shaped his own leadership philosophy that has guided the development of a world-class team at the Cole Eye Institute, Cleveland Clinic.


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